Faculty and Department
All Department
Number of Persons
A few person
Assignment section
Production section, Technical section
Job content
・Press molding・Product design・Grinding・Mold design・Cold-worked・Facility design・production technology, etc
Service and System

・Initial salary :University graduate 207,160YEN(2022/Apr results)
・A raise:Once a year(April)
・Bonus:Twice a year(July,December)
・Benefits package:Family allowance,Meal allowance,Commutation allowance,Overtime allowance,etc
・Workplace:Head factory(Car commuting is possible)
・Working hours: 8:00~16:40(Rest 10:00~10:10,12:00~12:45),shift system
・Holiday: Five‐day week work,Summertime&New Year's holiday,Paid vacation(Savings system)
・Welfare:Various social insurance perfection, defined contribution plan, joining benefit program
・etc:Superannuitant re-employment system. rented housing system
Application method
Please mail a resume and duties record of qualifications and experience at the following.
Place to contact

100-1, Hakotsukuri, Hannan-shi, Osaka, 599-0232, Japan
IZUMI CHAIN MFG.CO.,LTD  Personnel affairs charge in general affairs department
TEL: 072-476-1121