Production department - IZUMI CHAIN MFG.CO.,LTD.

Production department

Our Production department is composed of the Production section and the Quality Control section.
In the Production section, we process high precise components by advanced precise molds and manufacture precise high-grade chains by high capability automatic machines. In the technical section, our technical engineers design special chains for our customer’s needs and develop new products.

Production section

The Production section has 8 groups named component 1, component 2, grinding, heat treatment, bicycle, machine 1, machine 2 and perfection.
Our Production section has a lot of experiences and high level of technique, so we can provide high and stable quality products.

part 1st group
Molding a plate for a chain
part 2nd group
Molding a pin,bush and roller for a chain
Polishing group
Removing grease from each part of a chain and grinding after a heat treatment
Heat-treatment group
Quenching heat treatment of each parts
Bicycle group,
1st Machine group,
2nd Machine group
Inspecting each part of a chain and assembling
Finish&Packing group
Inspecting, putting oil, packing and preparing for shipment

In our JIS certified factory, we have a lot of skillful workers.
We have been manufacturing our products effectively by installing advanced machines in our production line.

Technical section

Our skillful engineers design special chains for customers’ needs and innovate new products.
The technical section innovates new chains and also construct manufacturing system to implement both “high quality” and “low cost”.

The technical section also examines and analyzes the manufacturing system to keep the quality and even better by updating the manufacturing system and the designs of the products.

The technical section is composed of “product designing” “mold designing” “electrical system designing” “compliance” “constructing” and each section has a specialist.

Product design
Innovating special products for customers’ needs and new products for our regular our products line and reviewing (examining) our existing products
Mold design
Designing, repairing, and reviewing the mold for the product that “product designing” innovates
Production facilities
Designing, repairing and reviewing the new manufacturing lines
Electrical facilities
Innovating, repairing and reviewing the electrical systems
Investigating environmentally hazardous substances that we use for our products and manufacturing process for legal compliance
Work group
Innovating, repairing and maintaining the product as per instructions of the above person in charge